Tony O'Kane | Jul 2, 2008

...well technically that's not true, as a single horse actually has around 15 horsepower (weird huh?). Still, that doesn't make ROUSH's latest creation any less bizarre for an automaker that's more well known for pumping out 300+kW modified Mustangs.

Built for Turkish company Kurt Systems, the fibreglass-bodied contraption is designed to allow a trainer, vet or owner to monitor the vital signs of their race horse/camel in real time as the creature walks, trots or gallops at any speed up to 60kph. Think of it as a dynamometer for our equine friends.

Although it may look like one, don't think that ROUSH's horse-dyno is just a fancy horse-drawn cart - the thing weighs around 4 tonnes and would probably kill any animal that tried to pull it. Instead motive power comes from a 2.4-litre diesel inline-five from Volvo driving through an automatic gearbox, which allows the vehicle to gently keep pace with the horse being tested. However, what we really want to see is a ROUSH 7.5-litre 'Eliminator' crate engine shoehorned into the engine bay. Now that would give you some real ponies!

ROUSH Horse Dyno - TMR

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