Peter Anderson | Nov 13, 2012

Queensland-based Tri Pod Cars reckons four wheels is one too many. It wants to put you in touch with your childhood, and put you back on three wheels - "Remember your first trike son?" - but with a whole lot more power.

Its kit-based creation, the Tri Pod 1, looks like the result of an illicit shag between an Ariel Atom and a Morgan three-wheeler.

The orange terror's creator, Andrew Hutchison, will sell you a chassis panel kit for just $8500. The downside, if you can call it that, is that you'll have to build the beast yourself.

You'll also need to source a Honda VTR1000F, which will provide the engine and a number of other necessary components.

Hutchison told TMR that a competent home mechanic could complete the build in six weeks, getting the whole thing on the road for under $20,000.

"The design is low and wide with the main masses carefully placed to equalise, as much as possible, the weight on each wheel," Hutchison said.

The result, he reckons, is a "pleasantly neutral handling balance coupled with tonnes of feedback from the stiff and light chassis".

With a kerb weight of 450kg and the single rear tyre, you'll also get wheelspin all the way to 100km/h and beyond.

As for a 0-100km/h time, Hutchison says he's recorded a best of 6.4 seconds on Federal 595S tyres (using Race Chrono, a Nokia E51 and a 5hZ GPS receiver). With stickier rubber, he's confident of a quicker time.

"An interesting aspect of the data logging was the stops from 100km/h. Around 3 seconds to a dead stop. In other words, the 0-100-0 is under 10 seconds," Hutchison added.

The Tri Pod 1 has been in development for over seven years and has completed 5000km of testing with "nil issues," according to Hutchison.

"On a one day run from Sydney to the Gold Coast, I was personally surprised at how comfy it was as well," he said.

The idea came about as a result of being unable to find a light, rear-wheel drive car with a motorcycle engine that he could personally build, so he went ahead and built his own.

tri pod 1 06

The result is a space frame chassis with fibreglass panels and the company can also supply fuel tank, radiator, electric reverser, wiring loom and caliper mounts.

As for the engine and components donor, Hutchison says that after considering a number of options, the Honda was chosen for its comparatively relaxed twin-cylinder engine.

It has definite boy racer appeal - its motorcycle underpinnings mean a six-speed sequential shift, and there's no power-assisted anything.

In some states, you may even have to strap on a helmet before heading out on the road.

You can contact Tri Pod Cars at (link opens in a new window).

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