Karl Peskett | Nov 13, 2012

Ferrari Australia has announced the timing for its flagship sports car, the F12berlinetta, with first local deliveries scheduled for June next year.

At a press event today, European Automotive Imports’ Lenn Kench revealed the F12 will enter the Australian market at $742,000 - plus options.

Buyers will need to be especially keen, however, as Kench also confirmed an 18 month waiting list.

TMR has learned, however, that despite a mid-year delivery schedule, both customers and Ferrari fans will be able to see the car before that.

At least one Australian specification car has to be delivered a few months before customer deliveries, in order to complete road-car homologation.

This means the F12 will be here around March 2013; perfect timing, considering the 2013 Australian Formula 1 race kicks off on March 14.

Customers could potentially experience the F12berlinetta at events during Melbourne Formula 1 week, although Ferrari Australia has yet to confirm plans for the big weekend.

Australian cars will be the same level of specification as other countries, as the F12 is considered a “world car”.

This means that unlike the FF, which missed out on the passenger-side multifunction display, local F12 models will keep its digital readout that shows gear, RPM, current speed and traction control settings; perfect for scaring the willies out of your passenger.

2012 ferrari f12 berlinetta overseas 07

The F12 will also feature internet connectivity (using your phone’s tethering function), the latest iteration of Bluetooth streaming, Harman Becker sat-nav and customisable menu and speedo readouts.

As revealed earlier this year, the F12 is powered by a naturally-aspirated V12 engine that produces 545kW and 690Nm of torque, comparing favourably with the Aventador's 525kW and 690Nm figures.

Ferrari says the engine will hit 80 percent of its maximum torque output at 2500rpm, peaking at 6000rpm and topping out at 8700rpm.

Unlike the big Lambo, the F12 sends it power through a seven-speed paddle-shifted automatic to the rear wheels alone, but Ferrari promises a 0-100km/h time of 3.1 seconds - just 0.2 off the Aventador's official sprint.

The 0-200km/h time is listed at 8.5 seconds, and a top speed "in excess of" 340km/h is claimed.

Based on sound alone (and having had our eardrums tickled at high volume) the F12 certainly lives up to its F1 heritage.

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