Lexus Trademarks RC 350 Nameplate: New IS Coupe On The Way?

Malcolm Flynn | Nov 7, 2012

Lexus has trademarked the ‘RC 350’ nameplate with IP Australia, in a move that hints at a production version of the recent LF-CC concept.

Revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September, Lexus admitted the concept hinted at a future Lexus mid-size coupe - which logically suggested a coupe version of the next IS model.

Adding a coupe to the next-generation IS range, due for debut at January’s Detroit Auto Show, would bolster its appeal against rivals like Audi’s A5, Mercedes-Benz’ C-Class Coupe and upcoming BMW 4 Series models.

The ‘R’ prefix suggests a mid-size model, as used by the RX SUV range, while ‘C’ has previously referred to ‘convertible’ with the current IS 250C and previous SC 430 models, and ‘coupe’ with the earlier US-market SC 400 model.

The ‘350’ likely refers to a 3.5 litre petrol engine - without hybrid assistance, as these models generally carry an ‘h’ suffix.

Theoretically, this would mean a version of the 2GR-FSE V6 engine currently found in several Lexus models.

This logic all points to RC 350 being applied to an IS coupe/convertible, and the ‘R’ prefix could represent plans to give the model its own unique styling, in a move similar to the A4-based A5 and upcoming 3 Series-based 4 Series.

Lexus Australia’s Tony Cramb reinforced this last point in his exclusive comments to TMR at the recent Australian International Motor Show.

“We did confirm that the LF-CC is the basis for a D-segment coupe in the future, but we didn't confirm that it's necessarily IS-related,” Mr Cramb said at the time.

We're onto you, Lexus.

Details of the RC350 Australian trademark can be seen here. (link opens in new window).

[via Motor Authority]

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  • Smart us says,
    3 years ago
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    who said Lexus cant make nice design - but why on earth every 20 years???
  • 5valvepercylinder
    5 valve per cylinder says,
    3 years ago
    Lexus is getting to be the most adventurous without going outright bonkers on their concepts. Really admire their ideas.
  • DavidK says,
    3 years ago
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    By the time it hits production it'll boring as usual
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