2013 Nissan Altima V8 Supercar Revealed

Malcolm Flynn | Oct 30, 2012

Nissan has taken the wraps off its 2013 V8 Supercar Championship Altima entry this morning.

Sharing its outside appearance with Nissan’s roadgoing Altima midsizer - due to replace the Maxima in 2013 - the V8 racer is built on the new series-wide ‘Car Of The Future’ (COTF) control-chassis.

The Altima racer’s heart is all-Nissan though, with a modified version of the new 2013 Patrol 4WD wagon’s VK56DE 5.6 litre V8 engine.

In V8 Supercar form, the engine has been downsized to 5.0 litres, strengthened for competition, and massaged to produce upwards of 450kW by Nissan’s Japanese motorsport arm Nismo.

This new V8 Supercar entry is the result of a collaboration between Nissan Australia and existing team Kelly Racing, with the collaboration to be known as Nissan Motorsport from today.

2013 nissan altima v8 supercar official live event 05

The car revealed today is wearing Nissan signage, but the cars to be driven by Rick and Todd Kelly in the 2013 championship will wear Jack Daniel’s livery, similar to that used on the team’s existing Commodore-based racers.

Both Rick and Todd were on hand for today’s unveiling, but will head overseas this evening for the weekend’s Abu Dhabi round of the 2012 championship.

The Altima racer will soon hit the track for the first time to undergo aerodynamic testing, with Kelly Racing endurance driver David Russell to take care of driving duties in Rick and Todd’s absence.

Soon after, the car will be presented to V8 Supercars for parity testing of its aerodynamic package, prior to official homologation for competition next year.

During today’s presentation Rick Kelly spoke of the importance of factory support to be successful in V8 Supercars.

“Factory support is the key ingredient that has been missing from our team over the last four years, Kelly said.

"If you look at all of the recent Bathurst and championship winning teams, all have had the benefit of factory support."

Rick’s brother Todd detailed the effort that has gone into the new racer’s development over the past six months, representing over 23,000 hours of design and build time, and culminating in the Altima racer shown today valued at more than AU$1.5 million.

While everything beneath the skin is specific to the racer, Todd explained that the road car's exterior panels required fewer modifications to suit the new chassis than the existing Ford and Holden bodyshells.

“Aside from flaring of the rear guards, and extending of the front guards; the doors, roof, bonnet and bootlid panels are all the same length as the road car”, Todd said.

The two brothers described the project as the culmination of a dream, expressing their gratitude for Nissan’s involvement.

“Thanks for letting us loose on your Altima”, Todd said.

Nissan Motorsport has committed to having four of the Altima-based cars ready to race before the 2013 championship’s opening Clipsal 500 round in March next year.

Fans can take part in a special ‘Google + Hangout On Air’ with driver and team Racing Director Todd Kelly from 5pm AEDST today, where he will answer questions and offer more detail on the new car.

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  • BH says,
    3 years ago
    right.. so it looks like a falcodore. Does that mean the Merc will too???
  • coppertopp39 says,
    3 years ago
    wont be watching the V8 supercars from next year...its just meant to be Holden/Ford but now u have ruined it by letting in the Jappers...UNIMPRESSED!!!!!
    • Balthazaaaaargh says,
      3 years ago
      Worst. Attitude. Ever.
      • Lindsay says,
        3 years ago
        Did the big bad Japanese car company give you nightmares? You poor dear.
    • Daniel Murphy says,
      3 years ago
      Your actually scared of a bit of competition? The involvement of both Nissan and Merc AMG (even if privately) is what might actually get me interested in the series again.

      I'd be even happier if another manufacturer was involved.
    • David says,
      3 years ago
      Can't wait until there's competition for the two Cab companies so they get blown into the weeds.
    • MrB says,
      3 years ago
      What a stupid comment to make. The V8's will be much better with other brand competing other than just ford or holden crap.
    • David says,
      3 years ago
      So short sighted and typical Aussie...
    • younghellraiser says,
      3 years ago
      wont be watching the V8 supercars from next year...its just meant to be Holden/Ford but now u have ruined it by letting in the Jappers...UNIMPRESSED!!!!!

      Considering that back in the day the race was more then just holden vs ford it was something too look forward to (you wounldn't just want two footy teams cause that would be boring and no one would watch)
    • asda says,
      3 years ago
      remind you of the 1990s? go to sleep ... please don't watch!!
    • Japcarsforever says,
      3 years ago
      This is the closest thing to the "good old days' when it was fun to watch. UNIMPRESSED with your bogan attitude..
  • Des says,
    3 years ago
    Actually both Nissan and Merc are some of the biggest suppliers of Taxis!

    Anyway, no-one will get "blown into the weeds" because it is a parity formula racing category. Both the Ford and GM engines are already restricted to limit their power outputs for the sake of safety and parity - nothing will change there.
    Nissan are throwing the dollars at the Kellys, maybe there will be some success, maybe there won't be, but either way it won't be because it's a "Nissan" rather than a "Holden" at Kelly racing.laugh
    • CP says,
      3 years ago
      I'm an avid follower of the current V8 series and this new category has got me excited. More variety will create more interest. Whilst we are going to one chassis we will see no less than four engine types when this new series kicks off.
  • Roger says,
    3 years ago
    With regards to "everything under the skin is specific to the racer", I didn't think that was true. I thought the only major parts unique were the engine and body shell. I am pretty sure in the Ford/Holden they all use the same brakes (PBR?), gearbox (Holinger?) and differential (used to be Ford 9", I remember the commentators talking about all the Holden's running a major Ford part). This makes sense as it reduces the cost of the package, and the parts are all a known quantity and extremely reliable, you don't get many failures in these parts.
    Is Nissan and AMG running their own chassis and powertrain parts besides the engine?
  • Jme says,
    3 years ago
    Where can I buy a v8 rear wheel drive Nissan in Australia ? I know Ford, Holden and Mercedes sell them.
  • paul says,
    3 years ago
    Man this is gonna suck... I was hoping for a change in race format to include a day care centre, a shopping mall and a garage, although they already have a garage of sorts. I could just see a mad dash off the start line to the day care centre , followed by dropping of a suitable uncooperative dummy kiddie, then madly negotiating a mall car park to duck into woollies for a few bags of chips and a 3l of diet coke, back to the garage to dump it off ,back around to the day care to jamb the dummy kiddie back in the child seat ( imagine the improvements to those macramé contraption) off again to do it all again , the kiddie could even include food chucking abilities , a suitably volumed sound track . And on it go's
  • brenton battams says,
    3 years ago
    Finally there's other cars than Ford and Holden racing in Supercars.It's about time. I went to Clipsal on the weekend and even though Nissan and Mercedes didn't do well at all at least it was more interesting to watch. With saftey cars,mechancal problems etc., races aren't won until the chekered flag falls. It's time we relised that there was more than two manufactures who sell cars in Australia. Having the best drivers in the country as Holden and Ford do helps a bit as well.
  • s13 says,
    3 years ago
    I don't expect Nissan or Mercedes to have any great advantage in performance over the Ford or Holden because I'm sure the Nissan and Mercedes will hv some air restrictors on them. The VK56 has already been de-stroked to reduce displacement. The variable cam timing has also been removed(cutting across Nissan technology) so as to give Ford and Holden a fighting chance. Let's see how the first couple of races turn out.
  • Undercover says,
    2 years ago
    Just been reading that Volvo S60 will join the V8 Supercars!!!!
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