Malcolm Flynn | Oct 11, 2012

Australian-based Carbon Revolution claims to have brought the world’s first one-piece carbon-fibre automotive wheel to market.

Known as the CR9, the wheel is said to be 40 to 50 percent lighter than a conventional alloy wheel, while maintaining greater strength than OEM standards.

Carbon Revolution’s ‘world first’ claim is open for debate however, with Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg offering a similar wheel design on its recently released Agera R model.

Either way, the CR9 is an Australian first and presented several engineering challenges to the local team.

“Creating a composite wheel that is made entirely in one piece from continuous fibers is particularly challenging given the significant geometric complexities," Carbon Revolution’s Brett Gass said.

"We have successfully developed an architecture that optimises the properties of continuous carbon fibers through the complex range of operational loads that are seen on a vehicle."

carbon revolution 04

Carbon Revolution has spent close to a decade developing the CR9, which promises to deliver dynamic benefits through reduced unsprung weight, but also improved fuel economy through reduced rotational mass.

This fuel economy gain is claimed to be as high as four percent with the current wheel design, while future aerodynamically focused designs and OEM integration could increase this figure beyond six percent.

The CR9 design will initially be available in 19x8.5 and 19x12 sizes to suit the Porsche 911, with further sizes to follow in the coming months.

Carbon Revolution assures that the CR9 meets all known OEM and aftermarket requiremnents, including SAE 2530, TUV German Aftermarket and German OEM AK-LH 08 standards.