Motorists Want Police To Combat Driver Distraction: RACQ

Peter Anderson | Oct 5, 2012

A survey of RACQ members has found that a significant majority of motorists want "stronger enforcement" of road rules, especially those relating to driver distraction.

Eighty-eight percent of the survey participants said that, thanks to mobile phone use, driver distraction is more of a problem than five years ago.

"Our research shows more than 90 percent of RACQ members want better law enforcement when it comes to the use hand-held phones while behind the wheel," Senior Road Safety Advisor for the RACQ, Joel Tucker said.

It's not just people holding their phones while they're driving. Respondents also reported being distracted by hands-free mobiles, sat-navs and stereos.

Those distracted by legal handsfree phone use made up just under 32 percent, up 30 percent on last year's figures.

Over half said that they were distracted by eating and drinking while of those who are smokers, almost 60 percent said getting their nicotine fix was a problem, up over 30 percent since the last study.

"These results show that driver distraction continues to be a real issue on Queensland roads on a daily basis," Tucker said.

Our members believe a stronger enforcement of the road rules, particularly where hand-held mobile phones are concerned, could help reduce these distractions."

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  • zaffod.beeblebrox says,
    3 years ago
    Good idea but its to hard for the Police "bless them" they would just rather cruise along till a speed detection device wakes them up then hand out a ticket that most wont contest, but to give their opinion on what constitutes a legitimate distraction, the courts would be backed up to the next millennia.
  • David says,
    3 years ago
    Research shows conclusively that using a mobile phone whilst driving is as dangerous as driving whilst drunk. We all see morons every day tapping away on their toys, weaving across lanes.

    Authorities should take the issue as seriously as DUI. Automatic loss of licence is an appropriate penalty, and ban the use of built in phones as well. Anyone knows that when you're talking on a phone - any phone - and someone tries to interrupt you or get your attention, it is almost impossible to split attention between tasks.

    I say take the matter seriously. The only ones who can't be without their mobile phones even when they're driving are precisely the ones who shouldn't be driving!
    • diesel Golf says,
      3 years ago
      1 like
      The research is absolute crap. Different people are affected in different ways and driver experience is a far greater factor in safe driving that the use of a mobile phone. Only stupid dumbass drivers cannot multitask and they should not even have a license if they cannot do two or more things at once.

      The dumbass researchers are the losers of the academic world doing wasting government funds on this unsubstantiated crap.

      These funds should go to real academics in maths and physics
      • joe says,
        3 years ago
        thank the lord there are still some logically smart individuals in Australia. I was starting to think there were none left smile
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