Audi Quattro Revival Canned In Favour Of Evoque Rival: Report

Peter Anderson | Oct 4, 2012

Audi has reportedly put an end to any hope of its Quattro concept making the leap to production.

The production version of the Sport Quattro, first seen at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, appears to have been axed just days after the 2012 Paris Show's opening.

The UK's car magazine reports that instead of the low-slung, RS 5-based coupe, a Range Rover Evoque style crossover could wear a Quattro badge.

The 'Q Coupe' will hark back to the long-forgotten Steppenwolf concept of 2001 and is said to be previewed by the Crosslane Concept shown at this year's Paris show.

The report adds that Audi's researchers have decided that the Sport Quattro coupe was a niche too far, which is no small irony given the company's enthusiasm for creating and filling niches.

The flagship in the Q Coupe range would reportedly draw power from a five-cylinder turbo engine with at least 265kW, mated to a seven speed double-clutch S-tronic.

The VW Group's MQB platform, on which the Golf VII, the new A3 and next TT ride, would probably provide the bones.

Above: Audi's Crosslane concept.
Above: Audi's Crosslane concept.

With plans for a small mid-engined sports car (Audi's version of the VW Bluesport) also facing the chop, the Q Coupe will have big boots to fill.

Given the popularity of Audi's Q3 and Q5 and the styling appeal of a crossover Coupe, there will likely be no shortage of takers.

It's probably still some time away but the Crosslane Concept now has some context - and some room - in the Audi range. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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