Mazda and Fiat Open To Expanding Relationship: Report

Malcolm Flynn | Oct 2, 2012

Mazda and Fiat’s MX-5/Alfa Romeo platform-sharing arrangement could pave the way for further synergies between the two companies, according to a new report.

Industry site WardsAuto reports that both companies have both expressed a willingness to build on this tie-up.

“Everything is possible, we’ve just started. We’re open to any solutions that lessen capital (expenditure)”, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne told WardsAuto.

Marchionne has hinted at a potential equity partnership between the two organisations, which would be aided by Ford’s expected divestment of its remaining 2.11 percent stake in Mazda.

Mazda, now a relatively small player, is reportedly keen to align itself with a new automotive giant such as the Fiat Chrysler Group.

The Japanese carmaker’s CEO, Takashi Yamanouchi has reportedly outlined “technology and regions” as specific areas that the two companies could benefit from an expanded arrangement.

Technology could include the sharing of Mazda’s ‘Skyactiv’ emissions and fuel-saving features, to which Yamanouchi is reportedly open-minded, “as long as it benefits the Mazda brand”.

Regional benefits could include Mazda producing vehicles in underutilised Fiat/Chrysler facilities around the world, which would also help Mazda sidestep expensive Japanese production.

Both parties could also benefit from a greater sales and distribution footprint. Mazda could expand its presence in Fiat/Chrysler-established South America, India and Africa, while Fiat/Chrysler could likewise benefit from Mazda's strength in the Asia Pacific region.

Above: Pininfarina's Alfa Romeo Spider concept.
Above: Pininfarina's Alfa Romeo Spider concept.

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  • Baji says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    I hope this becomes a fruitful and prosperous venture for the two companies.

    What i'd really like to see is the SkyActiv engines being teamed up with the Fiat Multi-air valvetrain system. Now that would be pretty epic.

    It would be similar with the collab with Subaru and toyota; Subaru engine with Toyota valvetrain.

    A new MX5 with a small displacement turbo SkyActiv engine with the Multi-air valvetrain would surely give the BRZ and GT86 somethign to worry about.
  • Smart us says,
    3 years ago
    to me it looks more like blind leading blind
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