New Citroen 2CV Coming In 2014: Report

Malcolm Flynn | Jan 4, 2013

A successor to Citroen’s iconic 2CV will reach production by the end of 2013, a new report out of Germany suggests.

According to Autobild magazine, the little hatch is being developed under the codename E3 Essential, and it will be built on the C4's platform.

The report adds that the new model will measure 4.3 metres long, making it near identical in length to the C4. Styling is expected to be markedly different however, inspired by the 2007 C-Cactus concept.

If accurate, these latest details differ dramatically from earlier reports, with French paper La Tribune suggesting the new model would enter as a rival to the Volkswagen Up, sitting below the small C3 hatch.

The report adds that Citroen boss Frédéric Banzet has described the car as “simple, economical, modern, affordable".

The new model is also said to disregard any retro links to the original 2CV, putting a question mark over what direction the styling will take.

This ‘non-retro’ suggestion also precludes the styling of the 2CV-hinting 2009 Revolte concept (pictured), which has been tipped to form the basis of a more upmarket DS2 model.

A concept is expected to appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year, ahead of European sales beginning as early as 2014.

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  • 1099450946
    Ben H says,
    2 years ago
    IMO, if it's not retro it shouldn't be called 2CV (if that's the real name it'll use)...
    • Lindsay says,
      2 years ago
      1 like
      If it doesn't fall apart at the mention of a slight breeze it shouldn't be called 2CV either.
      • JOEY D says,
        9 months ago
        If it doesn't fall apart at the mention of a slight breeze it shouldn't be called 2CV either.

        • Marion Emmett says,
          9 months ago
          Well said Joey I suggest Lyndsey looks at Touareg Trail which involves 2cvs travelling through Africa
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