Peter Anderson | Sep 28, 2012

Ferrari's Enzo successor, known for now as the F70, has been revealed... almost.

Teasing a glimpse at the car's carbon-fibre tub this week, Ferrari is pushing the direct link between its Formula 1 program and the new hypercar.

Ferrari tells us that the F70's tub is constructed from four different types of carbon fibre. Different weaves, resin and material mixes have their own strengths and weaknesses as well as production properties.

The doors, for instance, use a type of composite known as T1000 (no relation to The Terminator, we're told), selected for its impact-absorption properties.

The F1 cars use T1000 for the nose, an FIA-mandated crash structure, proving the material's worth.

The floor of the car will be protected by a Kevlar undertray, the same material used in bullet-proof vests.

Ferrari is claiming a weight reduction of 20 percent, with increases in both torsional rigidity and stiffness of 27 and 22 percent respectively.

The F70's naked tub is the second element of Ferrari's drip-feed of information - the Beijing Motor Show played host to the car's HY-KERS hybrid drivetrain.

The tub gives us a pretty good idea of what the car could look like, which will no doubt kick off another round of Photoshop sessions from would-be car designers around the globe before we finally see the finished product.

Not long now…

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