Mike Stevens | Sep 14, 2012

BMW has revealed a new small concept this week, offering what could be the first undisguised look at the so-called 1 Series GT.

Dubbed Active Tourer, the 'concept' is likely a thinly-veiled preview of a new production model, following in the footsteps of the Gran Coupe concept that became the third model in the new 6 Series line-up.

BMW is known to be developing a new front-wheel-drive companion to the existing 1 Series line-up, sharing its platform and powertrains with the next-generation MINI Cooper.

The new model has already been spotted in various mule and prototype bodies, the most recent test cars decked out in heavy camouflage - likely disguising the Active Tourer hatch that we see here.

How does this concept shape up against the new 1 Series? It's a good bit larger all-round, coming closer to the size of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class (which sits above the new 1 Series-rivalling A-Class).

BMW says the Active Tourer is 4350mm long, 1834mm wide and 1560mm tall, making it 26mm longer, 69mm wider and a whopping 139mm taller than the 1 Series.

The concept's wheelbase is shorter however, coming in at 2670mm to the 1 Series' 2690mm.

By comparison, the new B-Class is 4359mm long, 1786mm wide and 1557mm tall, riding on a 2700mm wheelbase.

Power for the Active Tourer is provided by BMW's new 1.5 litre three-cylinder petrol engine, mated to an electric motor that can, if necessary, drive the hatch on its own.

bmw active tourer concept 1 series gt 11

While the petrol engine sends power to the front wheels, the electric motor drives the rear axle, offering extra power and all-wheel-drive grip when needed.

Combined system output is listed at 140kW, and BMW promises a 0-100km/h time under eight seconds, with a top speed around the 200km/h mark.

BMW says the plug-in hybrid system gives the Active Tourer a fuel consumption figure of "less than" 2.5 l/100km.

Whether the production model will debut with this plug-in hybrid drivetrain remains to be seen - BMW could instead plant it in the i range and focus on petrol and diesel options for the regular model.

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