Mike Stevens | Sep 13, 2012

Peugeot has handed down all the details of its 507kW Onyx super hybrid concept, just hours after it issued a first set of revealing photos.

Uncovered ahead of its official premiere at this month's Paris Motor Show, the Onyx represents a top-end evolution of the brand's sharp new styling language.

The Onyx draws on the look of the Urban Crossover and HX1 concepts, along with new production models like the 208 hatch and 4008 SUV.

While those models combine sporting looks with commuter practicality, the Onyx is all about long-and-low supercar looks.

Inside, the concept features a cabin design heavy in carbon fibre and futuristic components, with an F1-like steering wheel and jet-engine style HVAC ports.

You'll also find unique materials inside that include recycled newspapers, compressed to create 'logs' that were then cut to suit the design of the cabin's components.

"For the interior, I was inspired by an everyday object, the egg box. With remarkable economy of material, it protects very fragile items," interior designer Julien Cueff said.

"I adapted the concept into an intuitive space, with a minimum of connected parts, to become one with the car."

And power? Reports out of Europe this week had suggested the Onyx would feature the DS4 Racing's 190kW 1.6 litre turbo petrol engine, combined with an electric motor for a total system output of around 300kW.

Instead, the Onyx is driven by a 447kW 3.7 litre V8 diesel engine that sends power to the rear wheels thruogh a six-speed sequential transmission.

The big diesel is mated to a Hybrid4 braking energy recuperation system that is capable of boosting output to a huge 507kW.

As for how the Onyx transforms its power into acceleration figures, Peugeot isn't saying. Yet.

The superhybrid's suspension package includes double wishbones and an in-board controlled system at both ends. Pulling things up are 380mm brake discs at the front and 355 discs at the rear.

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