Peter Anderson | Sep 11, 2012

Earlier this month, Ford sent a street-legal 1.0 litre EcoBoost-powered Formula Ford racer around the Nurburgring to promote the little engine's abilities.

How'd it do? The turbo-charged 1.0 litre triple scorched around the 'Ring in 7m22s - three seconds faster than the Ferrari Enzo's 2008 time of 7m25s.

To make it legal for the road - and to qualify for a road-car record - the Dunton Design Centre team behind the car fitted it with cycle guards, head and tail-lights, a horn and speedometer.

Formula Fords usually pack a 121kW 1.6 litre engine, but this one got Ford's smaller 1.0 litre three-cylinder mill, tuned for a meatier 151kW of power.

The appearance of the FFord adds fuel to a small fire started by Ford at a recent event in the Netherlands where the company suggested it would be interested in building a limited run of street-legal versions for (nutters in) the UK market.

The goal would be to rival the Ariel Atom, a track-day car that can be driven to the circuit, mercilessly thrashed, and then driven home.

Cost concerns, however, might leave the idea dead in the water. According to website Motor Authority, the car would be priced "well under £100,000" (A$155,000).

It would need to be more than "well under"; to go after the Atom - equally nuts in its own way - it would need to be priced closer to £40,000 (A$62,000).

The Atom also has the advantage of a second seat for brave passengers or instructors.

A £100,000 sticker is closer to the insane, V8-powered Atom 500's price point and almost £20,000 (A$30,000) more than the BAC Mono, so it's unlikely the accountants at Ford would approve such a beast.

But it's nice to dream.

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