Mitsubishi Offers 0.9% Finance On Triton, Lancer And Evolution For September

Mike Stevens | Sep 7, 2012

In a sign that it's clearly getting hotter in the Australian new car market, Mitsubishi Australia has now joined Toyota, Holden, Renault and Nissan (among others) with its own 'cut-price finance' offer.

Mitsubishi has weighed into the field of play with a 0.9 percent finance offer on two of its most popular models: 2012 model-year Triton 4X4s, and the 2012 MY Lancer range. The offer also applies to its Evolution models.

The new comparison rate - offered through St George Motor Finance - is limited to the Triton 4x4 range, but is available on the full Lancer range: ES, ACTiV, VR, VRX, Aspire, and Ralliart Lancers.

The offer runs until September 30, available through more than 200 Mitsubishi dealerships around Australia.

"F&I" (finance and insurance), offered through the dealer's 'floor plan' finance provider, has traditionally been something of a money-spinner for dealers. Commonly, there is more profit there than on the actual sale of the vehicle.

The offer applies on the RRP, in other words, a full-tote purchase - so you won't need to send the Rottweiler in to do the bargaining - and is not available to fleet, rental and government purchases.

As with all finance deals, Mitsubishi's offer naturally comes with terms and conditions. But at 0.9 percent, you'd be nuts to use your own money (stick it away for the term and collect the interest).

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