Subaru Australia Expands X Project With New High-riding Liberty Sedan

Mike Stevens | Sep 3, 2012

Subaru Australia has introduced a new high-riding variant to its Liberty line-up, previewed earlier this year through an update to the brand's US-market range.

Known here as the Liberty X, the new sedan variant sits 200mm off the ground - 50mm higher than the regular model, and just 13mm short of the Liberty-based Outback wagon.

Available in four-cylinder 2.5X and six-cylinder 3.6X form, the new Liberty X range brings improved access through its higher hip point, and a strong suite of standard features.

“The ease of entry and exit of our SUVs has always been a key selling point and we have now been able to incorporate this into a sedan, for those who prefer that body style," Subaru Australia boss Nick Senior said.

Standard with both cars are Subarus' EyeSight collision avoidance system, a reversing camera, automatic lights and wipers, wiper de-icers, colour multi-function display, heated front seats, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, sunroof, smart key and push-button start, McIntosh audio.

There's also leather trim, powered front seats with memory for the driver's seat, unique 18-inch alloy wheels, HID headlights, and sports side sills.

The top-shelf 3.6X also gets SI-Drive driving modes, chrome door hands and boot garnish, gunmetal finish to the alloy wheels and unique door and dash trim highlights.

Inside changes will include a black metal look to the centre stack, centre console and steering switch panel, and the the electronic park brake and SI-Drive switches have been repositioned for easier use.

The Liberty 2.5X is equipped with Subaru's Lineartronic CVT automatic transmission, while the 3.6X gets a five-speed automatic.

Subaru says it will reveal details of the regular 2013 Liberty line-up later this year.


  • Liberty 2.5X - $44,490
  • Liberty 3.6X - $55,990

Note: prices exclude on-road costs.

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  • Sebastian Style Messiah says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    • Poisson says,
      3 years ago
      Why? Because when you get on a bit, or have a bad back, or have small kids to get in and out, the extra bit of height makes a world of difference. It's also nice to have a little bit higher eye height in traffic.
      • Sebastian Style Messiah says,
        3 years ago
        You are right on matters of practicality. For me it makes an ugly car even uglier.
        • Poisson says,
          3 years ago
          It's no oil painting, is it? Subaru really need a new-broom approach to their styling. The Liberty used to be a very attractive (if inoffensive) looking car, but not so any more.
  • James says,
    3 years ago
    Finally a short wheel base Outback! Wagons are more ugly than sedans.
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