Mike Stevens | Sep 3, 2012

Victoria's Transport Accident Commission has launched a new online training program for motorcyclists, designed to improve skills and knowledge before riders hit the road.

Developed together with training and expert organisations, Ride Smart uses software to explore skills needed for the road, including hazard perception and decision making.

The new online system marks an evolution of the previous Ride Smart program, which was available only as a CD ROM.

Among the features of the package are tips on avoiding common types of motorcycle crashes, while addressing the risks of other road users not giving way to motorcyclists.

There is also a component for night and wet-weather riding, and headchecks. Scooter riders are also catered to with a number of specific exercises.

The online version also offers prizes and a hall of fame feature.

Rider deaths in Victoria are down 24 per cent on last year, with 25 fatalities year to date compared to 33 at the same time last year.

"As the weather slowly improves we know there will be more riders on the roads and we encourage all of those who may not have ridden for a while to make the most of Ride Smart," TAC CEO Janet Dore said.

The program can be accessed online at Ridesmartonline.com.au

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