FPV Moves Under Ford As Prodrive Moves Out, Redundancies Expected

Mike Stevens | Aug 30, 2012

Ford Australia has announced it will take over management and production of FPV vehicles as partner Prodrive moves to exit the local market.

Until now, the two companies have operated FPV as a joint venture, with 51 percent held by Prodrive and 49 percent by Ford Australia.

Announced today, the companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will see Ford purchase all FPV assets required for local engineering and production. This news follows a review by both Ford Australia and Prodrive of the FPV business and of its long-term sustainability in the current market.

Ford is expected to assume responsibility for all FPV operations from the end of this year, including manufacture of existing models and engines, and the development of future models.

“We recognise the passion and dedication of FPV enthusiasts and their desire to see Ford high-performance vehicles available in the market,” Ford Australia Bob Graziano said today.

“Although this segment of the market is relatively niche, it is an important part of Ford’s performance history and DNA. Both partners have worked hard to ensure the FPV brand can continue to thrive in Australia post the change to our current arrangements.”

From the end of 2012, engines for FPV cars will be manufactured at Ford's Geelong plant, with the move expected to see around 32 redundancies from FPV's current workforce.

“As a result of the business review, Prodrive has made the decision to exit the performance car market at the end of 2012,” Prodrive Managing Director Bryan Mears said.

“We have enjoyed great success through our partnership with Ford Australia and look forward to watching the FPV brand continue to thrive in the future.”

Ford says the FPV line-up will continue to be sold through the carmaker's existing FPV specialist dealers, with no change expected to the current service and warranty arrangements.

Today's news follows wide-spread speculation that FPV would soon move under Ford control, athough both Ford and Prodrive had remained tight-lipped on the topic.

The move brings an end to a long-running partnership dating back to the Tickford program of the 90s.

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  • Roger says,
    3 years ago
    Some ways good, some ways bad I reckon. If they ditch the FPV engine gurus that would probably mean they dont see any future in bespoke engines for FPV like the Miami V8.It may however bring a little more integrity into the model line up Its pretty splintered right now. There were rumours of this partnership being an issue in the resurrection of the XR8 name. I think slotting the GS as the XR8 would make far more sense. And for god sake...get those awful decals from the GT. Make them an option for people with no taste. Also, put wider tyres as standard, it should NOT be limited edition (aka R-Spec) to have a car that will actually stay on the road!
  • Old Fordie says,
    3 years ago
    Prodrive is a brilliant auto Co and they've worked wonders for FPV, but they know it's time to exit as FordUSA slowly kills-off FordOz. Agree with Roger the XR8(non-blown)is a good idea as an entry-level performance car. Trouble is, FPV keeps trying to please everybody with a cluttered model line-up. Get back to basics. And the gaudy stripes & skinny wheels look terrible, not to mention the ugly guppy-mouthed front (is this a euro disease?) The Series 1 front looked heaps better.
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