Malcolm Flynn | Aug 21, 2012

Domino’s Pizza is on a mission to deliver (without anchovies) the ‘Ultimate Delivery Vehicle’.

The US pizza giant says it is working to develop a unique new 'utility' (not the Aussie kind), akin to the purpose-built fire trucks and ambulances around the world.

There's a twist, however: rather than working through the conventional process, Domino’s plans to "crowdsource" the design through an online project titled The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Project.

Crowdsourcing is the process of seeking contributions from any who wish to participate (Nissan used a similar process to develop the ‘Project Z’ 370Z).

The project is being overseen by experienced crowdsourcers Local Motors, which made headlines with its Rally Fighter at the 2010 SEMA show.

The Rally Fighter is a coupe-bodied street-legal off-road racer, developed almost entirely by a community of online contributors.

Domino’s has put together a video to promote the project, where staff members describe the compromises faced by current delivery vehicles in ensuring the quality of the product when it reaches your door.

Those in the crowd of contributors will compete for a slice (oh, again) of US$50,000 (AU$48,000) in prize money. Entry is via the project’s dedicated website, where examples existing contributions can also be viewed.

Can we expect Domino's in Australia to adopt the new vehicle?

Anyone who has received a pizza that may once have been at least vaguely warm, and a soft-drink shaken to the point of becoming a grenade, will have lamented the delivery driver's ‘Brocky in training’ Holden Gemini parked in their driveway.

We can only hope.

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