Peter Anderson | Aug 8, 2012

Cannon Falls, Minnesota, US of A is home to one of the oddest cars we've ever seen.

At first glance, this jalopy looks like it fell through a time warp from the end of World War II, or back from some post-apocalyptic future.

Cobbled together from what might be apple boxes and farm machinery, this is the sort of car that would lose ANCAP points just from the damage it does to your body while climbing in.

The steering wheel is, ironically, made from a cast-iron gear that could possibly weigh more than a Fiat 500.

Atop the carburettor is the part of a milking machine that attaches directly to a cow's udder, and a cow motif sits proudly on the dashboard to remind driver and passenger of its design inspiration.

The engine, surprisingly, looks like a reasonably modern V8 - that's scary - and with a fan housing stolen from the ground-effect Brabham F1 fan car.

We're hoping the outboard milk cans aren't the fuel tanks, and not just because of the possible smell.

All is not completely lost on the safety front. Look closely and you'll see the tyres have tread, and there are clasps for lap belts, with inertia reels up front.

wooden car 07

Pre-tensioners are less likely to be included, although there might be space for a shotgun somewhere to finish off a mortally injured passenger. Out of kindness, of course.

A rollover accident is likely to be fatal, but you'll be having so much fun, you'll either be thrown clear, or you'll be dead (or both) before you knew what hit/impaled/crushed you.

We're also hoping the toilet seats are for show rather than, err, going. That said, the rear-mounted ploughing equipment might be just the ticket for distributing whatever fertiliser has been made available.

With any luck, this is just a one-off and that somebody at the Minnesota DMV turned a blind eye when registering it.

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