Peter Anderson | Aug 2, 2012

BMW's extensive partnership with the London Olympics and Paralympics has been topped off with its mind-bending Olympics Pavilion.

Sitting over the Waterworks River in the Olympics precinct, the pavilion, seeming to levitate on walls of water, is the work of Serie Architects.

Designed to highlight BMW's commitment to sustainability, the display is constructed from steel and utilises a high content of recycled material; carbon-intensive materials such as concrete have been avoided.

Water from the river is pumped into the structure's water-curtain feature, which also serves as a 'natural' air-conditioner. The curtain system filters the water before returning it to the river.

Inside the pavilion is a display of BMW Group vehicles, from MINI all the way to Rolls-Royce.

The sustainability focus will see the pair of new i cars, i3 and i8, along with the i Pedelec bicycle and E-Scooter displayed on the upper floor, while the lower floor will showcase the official fleet.

These include the 1 Series ActiveE, the MINI E and the 5 Series Active Hybrid.

The rest are powered by diesel, a mixture of 3 and 5 Series as well as X3s, X5s and Mini Countryman Ds. The armada of cars is supplemented by 25 BMW motorcycles and 400 bicycles.

One publicity event saw the acceleration of a BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics compared to Olympic gold medallist sprinter Mark Lewis-Francis.

The fleet had to meet the organising committee's emissions target of 120g/km, hence the extensive use of Efficient Dynamics and hybrids. The average of the 4000-strong BMW vehicle fleet beat the target, coming in at 116g/km.

The Pavilion will be open for the duration of the Games before life returns to normal in the British Capital after the Paralympics in September.

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