2013 Aventador Gaining Cylinder Deactivation, Stop-Start Systems: Report

Malcolm Flynn | Jul 30, 2012

A 2013 update to Lamborghini's still-fresh Aventador hypercar will bring somewhat ‘green’ credentials to the model, according to a new report.

The Swedish arm of Auto Motor & Sport has reportedly obtained internal documents that illustrate a raft of changes for the V12-powered Lambo.

Key among these changes will be the addition of a cylinder deactivation system and stop/start technology for the first time, making for a fuel economy improvement of up to 20 percent.

The report claims that European-cycle combined fuel consumption will drop from 17.2 l/100km to 16.0 l/100km, with CO2 emissions reduced from 398g/km to 370g/km.

Effectively reverting the V12 to a six-cylinder engine when under light load, this cylinder deactivation system is likely to draw on technology already employed in its Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley stablemates.

The start/stop system is said to be actuated by a supercapacitor, rather than a battery, which reportedly yields a three kilogram weight saving and faster actuation time.

This system is expected to re-start the engine in 180 milliseconds, significantly faster than the 250 milliseconds of the system currently used in the Ferrari California.

Also expected for 2013 is revised suspension tuning, featuring stiffer springs and matched damper tuning, with the aim of improving ride comfort without compromising roadholding.

Interior-wise, the Aventador is set to benefit from higher quality switchgear, revised instrumentation, and new trim options.

Lamborghini is yet to confirm the updates, or timing for the tweaked Aventador's launch, but international availability could come as soon as September's Paris Motor Show.

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  • amlohac says,
    3 years ago

    Stupid idea. Its a v12 monster not a tree hugging Prius.
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