Mike Stevens | Jul 20, 2012

Say you're into Formula 1, and you're an avid gamer. You like racing games, but you're more of a Mario Karter than a hardcore simulator fan. Codemasters reckons it might have just the ticket for you.

Known for its expertise in racing games - including the popular Colin McCrae Rally and Dirt franchise - Codemasters has announced a new addition to its catalogue: F1 Race Stars.

For now, Codemasters has released only a teaser video, but it's clear that F1 Race Stars will inject a good deal of cartoon styling and law-breaking physics into its new title.

The game will offer 12 online racing courses, along with a four-player splitscreen mode and a series of career options. All of this season's tracks will be available, along with some new ones - including the Circuit of the Americas course.

A number of today's real-life F1 heroes and rising stars will feature - Fernando Alonso, Romain Grosjean, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Bruno Senna, and Sebastien Vettel - and each will offer their own unique power-ups and weapons.

F1 Race Stars will launch on XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows in November.

[via MotorWorldHype]

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