Nissan Juke Looks Bound For Australia

Tony O'Kane | Jul 16, 2012

It was one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments, but the message was clear.

In an advertisment that officially went to air today, Nissan's GT-R, X-Trail, Micra, Murano, LEAF, 370Z and Dualis shared screen time with the Juke, the highly-anticipated compact crossover that's been selling up a storm overseas.

When TMR asked whether that two-second glimpse of the Juke (video below) was a prelude of things to come, a Nissan Australia spokesperson told us that the Juke is all but locked-in for a local debut.

Nissan Australia's product planning team is understood to be in the final stages of approving the Juke for local sales, and an official announcement is expected in a few weeks.

It's not clear what specification will be offered, let alone what pricetag will be attached to the Juke, and launch timing remains a mystery for now.

The Juke is currently sold in Europe, Japan, North America and New Zealand, with production lines in Oppama Japan and Washington, UK.

Built atop the B platform that underpinned the previous-generation Micra, the Juke measures just 4.13 metres long, with a wheelbase of 2.53 metres.

It's comparable in size to the Kia Soul, and its outlandish, funky styling should see the Juke appeal strongly to a younger, trendier demographic.

Powertrain options in overseas markets include the same 80kW 1.5 litre naturally-aspirated petrol four that currently powers the Micra, an 84kW 1.6 litre atmo petrol, an 81kW 1.5 litre diesel and a 140kW direct-injected turbo petrol four-pot.

The Juke is available in either front wheel-drive or all wheel-drive, and depending on powertrain/drivetrain configuration can be had with either a six-speed manual transmission, five-speed manual or a CVT automatic.

Expect to hear more about Nissan Australia's plans for the Juke in the coming weeks.

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  • matt says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    lets hope it does make it here, nissan needs some more decent models, id be looking at one
  • MattJelonek
    MattJ says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    Car looks great in real life I must admit! A skwooshed X-Trail at the rear but overall size is good, front is kinda good too!!!! biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin
  • Leese G says,
    3 years ago
    Can't wait to hear the outcome, I didn't think they would be coming to Australia but fingers crossed they will. I will be looking at purchasing (19 year old female) biggrin
  • Josh86 says,
    3 years ago
    I hope we get it, Nissan need a sporty model at the lower end of their range. So i hope the turbo varient is released
  • bibi says,
    2 years ago
    love this car as I got one back home in Indonesia since November 2011. however, it's been having problems lately sad but maybe it's cause it was the first production when I got it, so not totally perfect yet. Still love it though smile
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