Bugatti Galibier To Blast Past 1000 Horsepower: Report

Malcolm Flynn | Aug 20, 2012

It is three years since Bugatti’s Galibier concept was unveiled, but recent reports suggest the car is now a little closer to reality... just a little.

It's the slow drip of details that is keeping hopes afloat for the moment.

The latest comes from a new interview with outgoing Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer who suggests the Galibier's output will top 1000 horsepower - or around 745 kilowatts to the rest of us - when it finally lands on terra firma.

While the outspoken German would not confirm an exact figure, US magazine Car & Driver reports that an output as high as 1400hp (1043kW) could be on the cards.

The concept has reportedly returned to the drawing board twice, after a lukewarm market reaction and, now, after what will have been two successive leadership changes.

The second leadership change involves Wolfgang Schreiber replacing Wolfgang Duerheimer as the boss of Bugatti and Bentley from next month.

The appointment of Schreiber should instill some confidence in the model’s production future, as he is credited with curing the Bugatti Veyron’s production delays in 2005.

If it ever makes light of day, the Galibier will certainly not debut until Veyron production wraps up. The remaining 90-odd Veyrons on the order books are set to tie up the Bugatti production facility on Molsheim France for the next 18 months.

Given the multiple calls for further development of the Galibier concept’s design, a production model could look markedly different to the concept - though it is expected to maintain seating for four.

Like the Veyron, production would be expected to number under 1000 units, and carry a whopping pricetag of a solid seven digits.

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  • g says,
    3 years ago
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    very ugly
    • BH says,
      3 years ago
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      until the headlights send you into a deep state of hypnosis convincing you otherwise!!
    • amlohac says,
      3 years ago
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      Ugly? Maybe...

      But it'll be so damn fast you wont get a chance to tell for yourself.
  • MEGB says,
    3 years ago
    Yes very Ugly but its a Bugatti!!laugh
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