Gymkhana 5: Ken Block Makes San Francisco His Playground

Mike Stevens | Jul 10, 2012

Rally weapon Ken Block is back, following last month's teaser with a 10-minute epic of sights and sounds normally the domain of Hollywood chase scenes.

Taking in a tour of San Francisco is near the top of most travellers' holiday lists, but few of them will have had the opportunity to do it quite like this.

Armed with his trusty Monster Rally enhanced Ford Fiesta, Block has taken his famous Gymkhana series to a new high, powersliding across the Californian city - and not a single pursuit car was seen.

Doughies, jumps and stunts, all the usual Gymkhana treats are there. Was it an easy gig to line-up, in the famously hilly city?

"Fortunately, we were able to work with [producer Scott Allen] Logan to get all the permits from the city to do what we wanted to do," Block told ESPN.

"The city of San Francisco welcomed us up there, and they were really great to work with. It was really a dream come true."

You won't get your average Fiesta managing many of these feats - ST or otherwise - but for Ford, getting Block into its light hatch was one hell of a coup.

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