Lamborghini Prototype And Concepts Centre Opens

Malcolm Flynn | Jul 6, 2012

Lamborghini has opened a new facility at its Sant'Agata headquarters, to be used for the development and construction of low-volume, pre-production and concept models.

The centre includes a small-scale assembly line intended for production of low-volume models such as the Reventon and upcoming Sesto Elemento.

This assembly line will also be used for the construction of development mules, with the intention of ironing out any bugs in series production models before they reach the main assembly line.

Like most things Lamborghini, the building that houses the centre is an impressive piece of architecture.

However, somewhat contrarily, this Lamborghini design piece boasts significant green credentials.

Lamborghini claims that the building is the first multi-storey industrial building in Italy to earn ‘Class A’ energy certification, chiefly through its use of solar energy and advanced insulation materials.

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