Peter Anderson | Jun 29, 2012

Infiniti will run its Emerg-E prototype at this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed, but there are rumours about that Infiniti might be looking for another from its line-up to carry the 'halo-car' mantle for the brand.

US magazine Car&Driver reports that Infiniti is still considering whether to focus on the electric Emerg-E concept from this year's Geneva Motor Show, or the Essence hybrid first shown way back in 2009 - also at Geneva.

“A halo car would help us. It could bridge the gap between Infiniti and F1,” Infiniti's head of F1 operations, Andreas Sigl, recently told C&D.

The Emerg-e is powered by a pair of electric motors, each producing 150kW and backed up by a range-extending 35kW electric motor - similar to the operation of Holden's new Volt.

The Essence is a little more conventional - and more than a little compelling - sporting a 323kW 3.7 litre, twin-turbo petrol V6 mated to a 120kW electric motor.

The Essence would also fit well with Infiniti's Red Bull F1 sponsorship, thanks to its Nissan-born connection to engine supplier Renault.

Whatever it decides, Infiniti could benefit from a unique hero car at the top of the range to attract new buyers. Compatriot Lexus took a similar step with its LFA supercar.

As a measuring stick however, this weekend's Goodwood festival should give Infiniti the feedback it needs to make a decision on producing the Emerg-E - if indeed a decision has not already been made.

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