Mike Stevens | Jun 29, 2012

A new survey by Victoria's Transport Accident Commission (TAC) reveals that while nearly all young male motorists agree that driving at 10km/h over the limit is speeding, many treat the limit only as a guide.

The results of the survey show that male drivers aged 18-20 understand that speeding is illegal, but that 39 percent of respondents do not view speed limits as an absolute maximum legal limit - compared to 29 percent of the general population.

A third of male 18-20 respondents believe they will be caught if they speed, while 15 percent said that driving up to 10km/h over the limit is "usually quite safe".

The survey showed that 12 percent of males 18-20 had been caught speeding this year - compared to five percent for the whole population.

This contrasts with the one-in-four (25 percent) of males aged 18-20, who said that they never exceed the speed limit, a number matched only by female drivers aged over 50.

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