Peter Anderson | Jun 28, 2012

Rather than sit on its fat book of Aventador orders, Lamborghini is reportedly considering developing a four-seater version of its new supercoupe.

Lamborghini is facing a sales battle on at least three fronts - Ferrari's funky FF and Aston Martin's Rapide have what many Chinese buyers want, as does VW Group stablemate Bentley.

Reports of a four-seat Aventador were kicked off this week by Automobile magazine.

The idea of a four-seat Lambo isn't new: before the recent Urus showcar, there was the Estoque concept of 2008. Well-received by show-goers, the Estoque had the poor fortune of debuting just as the global financial crisis bit.

Other four-door attempts include the one-off Espada-based Faena of 1978 and, of course, the LM002 military-based off-roader.

The new car, which could be previewed as early as next year, is said to be a long-wheelbase Aventador with a set of small 'occasional' seats in the back, a fundamentally different proposition to the Estoque.

It would use the same platform, engines and transmissions, but would come in for some restyling so that passengers could sit in the back without removing heads and legs.

The 'Aventa-seat-four' is one of a number of possibilities open to the marque. But it's been a busy schedule in the Lambo bull-pit over recent years.

That schedule includes the Aventador Roadster, the limited-run Sesto Elemento and a new Gallardo.

For now, Lamborghini is saying nothing.

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