Peter Anderson | Jun 27, 2012

Noble Automotive has quietly released what it's calling a 'design study' for a new convertible, based on the fire-breathing M600 supercar.

The rendering was commissioned internally by the company to gauge buyer interest in such a machine.

It can't be a coincidence that the 'teaser' - which is in fact a complete side view of a roofless M600 - has dropped a couple of days before the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Noble's managing director, Peter Boutwood, told AtFullChat that the roadster is a production possibility, but would need plenty of customer deposits to make it happen.

It shouldn't be difficult to remove the roof, as the car's stainless steel and composite tub is where all the strength is; the roof is just there to keep the rain out, and your hair on.

Released in 2009, the twin-turbo Yamaha V8-powered Noble is one of a very small range of cars made by the West Yorkshire outfit.

The M600 is a purist's supercar - the brakes have no ABS and require a lot of effort, while the cabin is bereft of many creature comforts buyers in the car's price range expect.

What it does have is exclusivity - just fifty are made annually in the company's Leeds factory.

It is believed that the droptop is aimed at increasing interest in the car beyond the hardcore enthusiasts that make up most of Noble's market.

China is so far an untapped market for the company. A softer, more friendly roadster could be just the ticket for cashed-up tycoons looking to make a splash in something other than the default Italian machinery.

It might also attract a few US customers; particularly from California, which is a huge market for fast, roofless cars.

Apart from the picture, Noble has released nothing in the form of specification, so even if it did go ahead, there's no guarantee it would be any friendlier than the regular model.

Given Noble's healthy presence at Goodwood and many wealthy potential customers visiting this weekend, it probably won't be long before we know if it's a goer.

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