Peter Anderson | Jun 25, 2012

If the $70,000 Fiat 500 Tributo wasn't enough to convince you that titchy European cars can be tough, Lazzarini has produced a rendering of a Fiat 500 fitted with a Ferrari V8.

Mounted behind the driver, much like the V6 in Renault's head-banging RenaultSport Clio V6, the V8 500 has been christened the 550 Italia.

The 550 refers to the metric horsepower output of 550PS, or 405kW. The engine produces 425kW in the 458 Italia, but twenty horses have been sacrificed in the name of traction. Apparently.

There's a Fiat 500 lurking underneath the revised bumpers, skirts and Falcon V8 Supercar rear wing. There's also an air intake on the roof, and the dual exhaust is fitted to a strengthened chassis.

The rear bodywork opens up like an old Group B Lancia Stratos rally car and unlike the Clio V6, the V8 Ferrari is right there and naked so you can feast your eyes on one of the best-looking engines on the planet.

The 550 Italia calls to mind Volkswagen's Golf W12-650 Concept, which pulled the engine from a Bentley Continental. The results were... interesting.

Lazzarini is looking for similarly nutty investor to cough up - you guessed it - US$550,000 to cover the development costs of the pocket rocket.

No further technical or availabilty information is available, but we're extremely curious as to how the little Fiat copes with so much power. We're sure you are too, so we'll keep an eye on how things develop.

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