Mercedes-Benz Australia's 'Race Around The Web': Hit The TMR Track

TMR Team | Jun 26, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Australia has launched a new Race Around The Web online game that allows entrants to battle other online users, and build their own tracks.

More than just a game, Race Around The Web is a savvy new marketing project that gives Australian fans the chance to win a new Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

To compete, you'll need to complete a race on five nominated Championship Race Tracks and save your time online.

There's fortnightly prizes up for grabs, but the main prize is a 2012 B 200 BlueEfficiency, equipped with the Vision Pack, Night Pack, Comand Pack and Exclusive Pack - $60,733RRP worth of car.

TMR has put together its own track, too.

Check it out below and let us know how you go. We can confirm this much: he might have built the track, but TMR News Editor Mike Stevens is rubbish at it.

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