Peter Anderson | Jun 15, 2012

Toyota has pulled the covers off the Camatte Sora concept at the Tokyo International Toy Show.

Toyota used the Toy Show for the concept unveiling because, it says, it wants to get young families interested in cars.

There was a time when cars dominated kids' toys and every teenager could barely wait to get behind the wheel; but these days, the car is being replaced by phones and computers in their affections.

The green Cammatte looks very much like a 21st century 2CV, with those round headlights sitting proud of the body, tall, skinny wheels, cycleguards and a somewhat functional approach to styling.

Toyota explains that the Camatte is a toy car for the road.

The concept has detachable plastic panels for when you and your kids are tired of the colour, and you can even change the body style to what looks like a VW Kubelwagen.

The Camette's entire cab hinges at the base of the windscreen to allow entry and exit, which would be extremely useful in tightly-packed cities like Tokyo, but also retains a toy-like feel.

2012 toyota camatte concept 11

The tiny concept seats three in a similar concept to the company's production iQ. The layout is meant to encourage parents and children to easily interact.

The most sobering aspect of the design is the configurable pedals, intended to allow children to develop their driving skills while, presumably, seated on their parent's lap.

The Camatte is one of those concepts that is likely to stay that way, but it does give us an insight as to what Toyota is thinking about how to get future car buyers interested.

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