Holden Volt: 49 'Green Stamp' Accredited Dealers Taking Orders

Mike Stevens | Jun 11, 2012

Holden has announced that its new Volt extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) will be sold at 49 dealers across the country, with each required to secure environmental accreditation.

Releasing a list of dealers this week, Holden has confirmed dealerships in urban centres and also in areas as far-flung as Townsville in northern Queensland.

The carmaker has also ruled that all Volt dealers must achieve at least a level 2 accreditation in the national Green Stamp Plus programme, run by VACC and other peak motoring bodies across Australia.

The programme requires dealerships to meet environmental management criteria, including showroom and workshop waste recycling, efficient energy usage and a reduction in the use of toxic chemicals.

“Each dealer will also install a dedicated Volt charging station and invest in new tooling and training to ensure the highest standards of service for owners of Holden’s first electric car," Holden's John Elsworth said.

Dealers offering the Volt will also install a dedicated charging station, and invest in tooling and training as part of the car's servicing programme.

Although the Volt does not officially launch until later this year, Holden says it has already taken a number of orders for the new electric-driven sedan.

“We asked dealers to place their first Volt orders last month and while it’s too early to confirm numbers, we are receiving anecdotal feedback that there’s strong interest," Elsworth said.

About the Volt

2013 holden volt test car media unveiling 05

The Volt is driven primarily by a 111kW/368Nm front-mounted electric motor, paired with a small 1.4 litre petrol engine, the latter powering a generator that keeps the electric motor's lithium-ion battery pack charged.

Holden boss Mike Devereux is confident that the Volt will be a success in Australia, describing the car as "one of the most technologically advanced cars on the road anywhere in the world".

“Volt will make driving more economical, more environmentally-friendly and will fundamentally change the way Australia thinks about alternative transport solutions," Devereux said at the Volt's Australian unveiling in December.

“This is the start of something big for Holden and Australia.”

Volt Dealers across Australia

South Australia

  • Peter Page Holden - Elizabeth
  • City Holden - Adelaide
  • Hamilton Holden - Somerton Park
  • Metro Holden - Thebarton

Western Australia

  • Brian Gardner Holden - Cannington
  • Phoenix Holden - Waneroo
  • City Motors - Perth
  • Melville Holden - Melville
  • Rockingham Holden - Rockingham
  • Shacks Holden - Fremantle
  • Bunbury Holden - Bunbury


  • Eagers Holden - Windsor
  • Zupps Mt Gravatt - Mt Gravatt
  • Surfers City Holden - Southport
  • Beecham Holden - Caboolture
  • Oldfield Holden - Capalaba
  • Motorama City Holden - Moorooka
  • Tony Ireland Holden - Townsville
  • Ross Gray Holden - Bundaberg
  • Sunco Holden - Marroochydore

New South Wales

  • Muirs Holden - Ashford
  • Paul Wakeling Holden - Campbelltown
  • Hunter Holden - Ryde
  • Northside Holden - Chatswood
  • Suttons City - Rosebery
  • Sutherland Holden - Sutherland
  • Castle Hill Holden - Castle Hill
  • Kelly Holden – Cardiff
  • Geoff King Holden - Coffs Harbour
  • Commonwealth Motors - Phillip (ACT)
  • Gerald Slaven Holden - Belconnen (ACT)


  • Bay City Holden - Frankston
  • Winter & Taylor - Geelong
  • Gary & Warren Smith - Oakleigh
  • Barry Bourke Holden - Berwick
  • Preston Motors - Essendon
  • Watson Holden - Bundoora
  • Barloworld Holden - Glen Waverley
  • Brighton Holden - Brighton
  • Booran Holden - Cheltenham
  • John Collins Holden - Mornington
  • Mantello Holden - Fawkner
  • Motors Pty Ltd - Hobart
  • Barry Bourke - Warragul
  • Colin Watson - Traralgon
  • McRae Holden - Wodonga
  • Neil Beer Holden - Seymour
  • Callaghan Motors - Warnambool
  • D’Alberto Holden - Echuca

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  • James says,
    3 years ago
    Nice car shame about the price of $60k. In the US the same car is $32K (after tax credit)and has been a failure because market considered it over priced (@$32K)
    I predict annual sales will be in high 100's, which means they will pull it from the market in 18 months
  • Brett says,
    3 years ago
    I was eagerly awaiting the release of this technologically advanced car. But now that I have seen the exessive $60k price tag, it's now off my list. What were Holden thinking? Clearly they weren't! The only people to buy them at this price will be token 'celebrities' and tax payers on behalf of politicians who want to boast their green credentials. A wasted opportunity,
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