Peter Anderson | Jun 8, 2012

Turkish designer Ugur Sahin's love for supercar concepts continues with the release of his concept for a V12 Alfa Romeo.

The Alfa 12C GTS is a long-nosed, classic Italian GT imagined with a V12 in an Aston Martin-esque body. Sahin has developed concepts for both of these brands and the Alfa is a stunning mix of the DNA of both.

The Alfa influence is clear, too, with the familiar shield grille in the nose and a rear end reminiscent of the 8C Competizione.

While any Alfa-sponsored production hopes for the GTS would rely on a donor platform from stablemates Ferrari and Maserati, parent company Fiat would likely prefer to avoid diluting the exclusivity of the supercar brands.

If the 12C GTS concept makes its way to the road, it would be the second of Sahin's wild creations to hit the road. His rebodied Corvette Z03, sold under the Soleil Motors badge and called the Anadi, went on sale in 2011.

Sahin's website is a treasure trove of past designs. Adding to the list of Italian and British supercars, he has imagined a striking McLaren Mercedes SLR concept, a Mazda coupe and a reimagining of the Caterham 7.

Whatever happens, Sahin has done what he set out do - made people take notice by slapping one of the most-loved automotive brands on earth on the nose of his concept.

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