Peter Anderson | Jun 7, 2012

Your driver doesn't swing through the air cleanly enough? Ferrari has the answer.

The Italian superbrand has teamed up with Cobra Puma Golf to work on the aerodyamic properties of its driver golf club, reducing drag to increase 'club head speed.'

Tom Preece, vice president of research and development for Cobra Puma says the driver is a "work of art." Sporting a hand-stitched leather grip and Ferrari head cover, it certainly looks the part.

The collaboration doesn't stop there, with a wide range of golf clothing and accessories given the Ferrari treatment.

The shoes bear a striking resemblance to the Puma kart boot look-a-likes and if the website is to be believed, the clothing range will fail to make the wearer look like a character from a PG Wodehouse novel.

The range makes extensive use of the Poltrana Frau leather used in Ferraris and, like the cars, the shoes are handmade in Italy.

Ferrari isn't the first supercar manufacturer to lend its name to golfing equipment - Lamborghini and Calloway have also worked together on forged composite materials, creating very light (and very expensive) carbon composite golf clubs.

The Ferrari Golf Collection goes on sale on 1 July.

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