Mike Stevens | Jun 6, 2012

Video game publisher Turn 10 will inject a dose of the arcade formula into its popular racing franchise, with the arrival of October's Forza Horizon.

Joining the Forza Motorsport series, Horizon pulls a few tricks from EA's long-running Need For Speed title, mixing today's most desireable sports cars in with a storyline and a street-racing theme.

Turn 10 describes Horizon as an open-world environment that "puts a spotlight on speed, style and the freedom of the open road".

The story revolves around the Horizon music festival in Colorado, and while details are thin on the ground, we can likely expect a vibe similar to the Race Wars scenes from the popular The Fast And The Furious film.

The game promises 65 different surface types and conditions, including tarmac, gravel, dirt and snow in varying grades of grip.

forza horizon screengrab 05

A Project Gotham Racing-like points system will also feature, meaning that players can rack up points not just by winning races, but also through executing impressive powerslides and burnouts.

More points, Turn 10 says, will mean increased popularity for your character, and - more importantly - a greater range of opportunities in the game's storyline.

The publisher has still to reveal the full details on the game, and it remains to be seen how many cars will be available.

It's clear from this week's trailer though that Chrysler's new SRT Viper will feature, along with Audi's Ur-Quattro and the Mitsubishi Evolution.

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