Four 86s And A Lexus LFA: Toyota Powers Up For Nürburgring 24 Hour

Malcolm Flynn | May 17, 2012

This weekend’s Nürburgring 24 Hour race will include five ‘works’ entries from the Toyota Group.

A total of four specially prepared 86 coupes and a Lexus LFA will aim to lap the clock twice at the hallowed circuit.

Two of the 86s (class SP3) and the LFA (class SP8) will be entered by Japanese in-house racing team Gazoo Racing.

Gazoo have entered a number of LFAs in the race in recent years, and their crew includes employees of Toyota Japan.

The Japanese team’s approach to the race echoes that of any seasoned endurance specialist:

“To maintain a steady pace, in line with the way we have chosen to set up the vehicles”, driver Akira Iida said.

The other two 86s will be entered by Toyota Swiss Racing Team, a new team formed by the carmaker’s Swiss arm.

Toyota Swiss Racing Team are entering the race as part of a low-cost racing program aimed to promote the 86 among young racers.

Both teams have used this year’s VLN series at the circuit to prepare for the 24 hour race, with class podium results to prove their competitiveness.

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  • Smart us says,
    3 years ago
    the only good thing about this racing is that girl on the picture from a distance... and maybe just smiling as she is... bet the Lexus takes 8h off and still catch up these Toys-ota cars... 86 probably means the year they benchmarking it against... laugh
    • Dave says,
      3 years ago
      Different class mate.

      And I'll take the 86 over the Falcon ecoboost ANYTIME.
      • Smart us says,
        3 years ago
        good on you Dave at least some part of you stays young at heart...
  • BH says,
    3 years ago
    Holden fan???
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