BMW 5 Series Bringing Individualised Instrument Cluster To Australia

Peter Anderson | May 16, 2012

BMW's Australian-delivered 5 Series will add a new individualised instrument panel to its options list.

The conventional dials are replaced by a screen that re-configures the display depending on the mode you're driving in, or, if you like, your own personal tastes.

For 5 Series buyers, the option will represent a more affordable version of the Lexus LFA supercar's 'black panel' dash and the Ferrari 458 Italia's selectable dash screens.

In Normal and Comfort drive modes, the display looks like any other 5's dash, with a speedo and tacho, along with fuel and temperature gauges and the now-familiar trip computer, navigation and warning functions.

There are subtle differences between the two settings, with one displaying slightly less information than the other.

Switch to Eco Pro mode and the dashboard takes on blue tones, guiding you toward a more efficiency-focused experience.

The standard 5 dash has an Efficient Dynamics function built into the bottom quarter of the tachometer, but here, the display becomes one large 'how green is my driving?' view.

Fire into Sport mode and the dash turns red, the speedo changes to a big digital readout (with a sweeping dial around the edge for effect), and the tachometer displays the gear you are in and whether you're in sport or manual modes.

The display will also strip away extraneous information such as navigation icons. (Where we're going, we don't need directions - Ed.)


The new optional instrument display is due in Australia in September, along with a number of other brand-wide upgrades.

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  • Godspeed says,
    3 years ago
    Nice, but not really a new concept, even outside of supercars. Do a Google Image search for "Range Rover instrument screen" or the same for the 2011 Jaguar XJ and you'll find the same thing; there, the dials can be replaced entirely by a sat nav map, etc.
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