Peter Anderson | May 16, 2012

Nissan has revealed it will boost the sporting appeal of a number of models with new 'RS' packages developed by tuning arm Nismo.

The first Nismo RS package is expected to be available on the next-gen Z car, which is expected to debut sometime before the end of 2014.

The current 370Z Nismo model - not available in Australia - upgrades the car's handling and engine, the latter getting a relatively meagre 13kW boost out of the deal.

Speaking to US website Inside Line, Nissan's Global Planning head, Andy Palmer, confirmed the company is working on the new packages and gave a hint as to what they will contain.

“There will be Nismo packages for the suspension and the Nismo RS packages that will include engine tunes,” Palmer said.

The current Nismo enhancement programme is an all-or-nothing proposition, with the 370Z Nismo upgrade costing an eye-watering US$9380 on top of the purchase price.

While not confirmed, it is possible that future Nismo options will separate handling, engine and styling upgrades.

Nissan has been working to boost the presence and appeal of its Nismo arm with concepts ranging from the Nismo Juke to the Nismo Micra, and even to the all-electric Leaf hatch.

Those concepts, and Palmer's comments this week, suggest that the reach of the brand will soon move across the Nissan line, to be offered as option packs for those wishing for a bit more performance, a little more style, or both.

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