Peter Anderson | May 15, 2012

Reigning F1 champion and English comedy aficionado Sebastian Vettel has added another feather to his helmet, starring in a new Infiniti short film called Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon.

The latest in Infiniti's Inspired Performance video series sees Vettel and co-star Celina Jade - thankfully, both play themselves - ambushed in a Chinese village while on a quiet drive in the new Infiniti JX SUV.

The five minute video is classic kung-fu with wire work, spectacular jumps, rolls and fight sequences.

As a marketing stunt for the Infiniti brand, the clip is plenty of fun - not the least because Vettel's over-acting is on a par with Aussie Mark Webber's style (who is soon to appear in his own Infiniti video).

"I learned that just like with driving, you need balance, control and technique to be good at Kung Fu, but I think I’ll stick to my usual kind of fighting on track on Sunday."

Jade, daughter of kung-gu actor and director Roy Horan, was called upon to tutor Vettel through a series of blocks and punches, although Vettel's track commit ensured the heavy work is clearly done by a stunt double.

In return, Jade was given a high performance driving lesson by Vettel in an Infiniti G Coupe - and here, the German performed all his own stunts.

The Red Bull F1 team's relationship with Infiniti is largely a sponsorship deal, born out of Renaultsport engines powering the team's RB8 race cars.

We'll wait and see what they come up with for Mark Webber and whether they will be able to coax Kimi Raikkonen into something similar.

As for the Infiniti JX, it remains to be seen if the seven-seat SUV will join the rest of the Infiniti range when it hits Australia this year.

Speaking with TMR last year, Infiniti Australia General Manager Kevin Snell confirmed that the seven-seater is on the agenda.

"Whilst not yet confirmed for Australia, the JX is certainly on our radar and we are in discussions with Japan about the potential for introduction after our initial launch phase," Mr Snell said.

Infiniti Australia will commence sales in August with the FX SUV and the M sedan. The G Coupe and G Convertible are scheduled to hit Australian roads in December.

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