Tim O'Brien | May 11, 2012

In the knowledge that GM has adopted its own version of Ford's global "One Ford" strategy, reports of the development of new rear-drive architecture to underpin future Cadillac models is of more than passing interest to Holden watchers.

It is known that Holden is one of GM's specialist engineering facilities, with particular expertise and involvement in the engineering of RWD platforms.

The Camaro, winner of the 2010 World Car Design of the Year, lists among the achievements of Holden engineering.

It is not known however whether Holden has any involvement in the reported Omega platform, and Holden Communications Director Emily Perry is tight-lipped on the matter.

Due to commercial sensitivities, GM Holden has a policy of not commenting on future model plans, or of its involvement in their development.

But confirmed is that Holden will be manufacturing "two all-new cars" in its Adelaide facility in "the second half of this decade".

Planning for these was nailed onto the doors of the Federal parliament by GM Holden Boss Mike Devereux when announcing the $275million "co-investment" package secured from the Federal, Victorian and SA governments.

And, such is the lead times in design, engineering and tooling for any new car, the development of these two "all-new models" will be well-advanced.

Speaking to TMR today, Ms Perry confirmed that "both new vehicles to be built at Holden's Adelaide facility will be global platforms".

You can lock in the front-wheel-drive next-generation Cruze as one of these.

Above: the 3 Series-rivalling ATS.
Above: the 3 Series-rivalling ATS.

Whether the other is a new 'Commodore' (after the coming VF) sitting on the Omega platform, or the smaller Alpha platform beneath the Cadillac ATS, remains to be seen.

(The Alpha is an evolution of the locally-developed Zeta platform, finding its roots in Holden's 2004 TT36 'Torana' concept.)

With large car sales on the slide in Australia and elsewhere, it may be that if the Commodore lives on beyond the VF, and if it holds onto a RWD layout, a stretched version of the Alpha platform might thus also be on the cards.

It will likely be one of them - but which will it be? We'd reckon, if you can get odds on it, you could do worse than place a tenner on the Omega.

Or maybe the Alpha...