Smart escooter Concept Confirmed For Production

Mike Stevens | May 11, 2012

If Smart's Fortwo Electric Drive isn't small enough or green enough for you, there's a new option right around the corner: the Smart escooter.

Revealed as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, the escooter brings a new futuristic style to the two-wheeled world, while embracing the growing EV movement.

Details for the production model haven't been revealed, but, in concept form, the escooter draws a tiny 4kW of power from an electric motor in the rear hub.

With a top speed of just 45km/h, you'll have to stay away from the freeways and highways - this one is strictly for slow-moving city streets.

Energy for the electric motor is provided by a 48v lithium ion battery pack beneath the seat, storing enough power for a 100km driving range.

"The decision in favor of the escooter has been made," Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars, said.

"With this step, we are adding a further important component to our smart mobility concept for urban mobility in the future."

Standout features of the escooter include ABS brakes, an airbag (still something of a rarity for two-wheelers), and a blind-spot monitoring system.

Smart has also made the smart move of integrating Apple's iPhone with its onboard systems, replacing the usual instruments with an iPhone app.

The Daimler-owned specialist-in-small says we can expect to see the escooter make an international launch in 2014.

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