Fans Uniting To Save Last Saab 9-3

Mike Stevens | May 3, 2012

Enthusiast website Saabs United has put out a call to its fellow diehards to purchase the last Saab 9-3 to be built.

Forming part of a batch of 50 incomplete cars recently purchased by Trollhattan dealer group ANA, the 9-3 in question is one of the special 'Griffin' models developed for the 2012 model year.

Although not yet in its best showroom condition, the car - and its 49 siblings - is scheduled to be completed at the end of this month.

The website has so far raised around AU$20,000 to buy the car, and it has set a goal of nearly $40,000.

Saabs United says that if the goal isn't reached, it will hand off the donations to the recently rescued Saab Cars Museum, where it will likely be used to maintain its stable of display cars, or finalise the purchase of cars that have been loaned to the museum.

Depending on the outcome of Saab's potential sale (bids for the brand are currently under evaluation), the 9-3 in question may not be just the last of its line, but the last Saab all-together.

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  • Smart us says,
    3 years ago
    feel sorry for fanatics and Saab... get over it and get your self a Volvo that looks and drives better bleh
    • ccc says,
      3 years ago
      1 like
      m is your classic example of someone whose mother repeatedly dropped him/her on her head. it is ok little m, run along.
  • John T Stone says,
    3 years ago
    The death of a motor vehicle maker like SAAB is very disappointing. Of course the real story behind it's demise is the chronic incompetence of former owner GM - surely the worst ran company of the last three decades - some shockingly bad decisions made by overpayed and underskilled execs. .. SAAB should have been given the funds to design, develop, and build the individualist executive brand that would could well have made GM a bucket load of money.
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