Malcolm Flynn | Apr 30, 2012

Audi looks set to deliver on its promise of a road-going R8 e-tron by the end of the year.

Spotted racking up test kilometres at the Nurburgring, this mule’s lack of obvious disguise, along with prominent ‘e-tron’ signage, suggest that Audi is proud of its progress with the new model.

Audi has previously pledged to have the model available for limited release by the end of 2012, planning to use the 1000-strong fleet as consumer testbeds for future e-tron models.

The vehicle pictured at first appears to be the same as featured in the recent ‘Accoustic Innovation’ promo video, but this prototype lacks the bonnet pins and standard rear glass of the video mule.

The R8 shown here is fitted with a non-transparent rear hatch (unlike the regular model’s glass cover), and rear wheels that appear to have a reduced offset compared with the petrol R8.

This different offset could hint at bespoke rear suspension components on the production car.

The rear hatch on this vehicle also has what appears to be a reversing camera mounted high-up, which would help reduce the visibility compromise of a non-transparent panel.

Common to both development vehicles are the tailpipe-free rear bumper and indented bonnet vents, similar to that used on the R8 LMS GT3 racers.


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