Here Comes The Story Of The Lambo Huracán

Malcolm Flynn | Apr 30, 2012

The ‘future Lamborghini model’ guessing game continues this week with news that the supercar maker has trademarked the name Huracán.

The names Estoque, Cabrera, Sesto Elemento, Deimos and most recently Urus have all been bandied about in recent times, with only the Sesto Elemento appearing on a production model - and then only in limited numbers.

Spanish for 'hurricane', Huracán is also the ancient Mayan god of fire, wind and storms.

Like Deimos, Huracán eschews Lamborghini’s recent theme of badges born from Spanish fighting bulls and matadors - a short tradition that came after the likes of the classic 350GT and Countach.

Historically, the names applied to Lamborghini concepts are not used on production models, suggesting that if the Urus SUV enters production, it will carry either the Deimos or Huracán name.

Another model on the Lamborghini radar is the replacement for the Gallardo, expected to appear in the coming year, and either of these new names could also appear on the new supercoupe.

Plans to develop the 2008 Estoque four-door sedan concept have reportedly been shelved in favour of an assault on the hot-selling premium SUV market.

So, two models likely for near-future production, two new names recently trademarked. Which name ends up on which model is the next question, and Lamborghini isn’t saying anything just yet.

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