Geely Moca SUV Concept Packs More Than Seating Space Inside

Malcolm Flynn | Apr 27, 2012

Chinese carmaker Geely has revealed an innovative new concept at this week's Beijing Auto Show, exploring new packaging possibilities in the cabin of its Moca SUV.

The Moca is an evolution of the McCar concept shown at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, which had the ability to carry either a wheelchair or mobility trike within its cargo area.

The Moca takes this idea a step further by introducing a flexible seating configuration, offering 1+1 and 2+2 configurations.

In 1+1 mode, the Moca is able to carry a small motorcycle lengthways within the cabin. It's a tighter deal in 2+2 mode, but the Moca will still take a wheelchair in its cargo area.

Geely's latest concept takes full advantage of the interior space of an SUV bodystyle - a heroic effort for a concept that is no longer than the MINI Cooper hatch.

Whether the Moca will make it to production is unclear, although the concept could preview the packaging potential of future London Cabs. (Geely is part-owner of London Cab manufacturer Manganese Bronze Holdings.)

For now, Geely has yet to confirm future plans for the Moca, although the company has reportedly filed for 60 new patents for elements of its design.

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