MyFord Capped Price Servicing Expands To More Models

Mike Stevens | Apr 23, 2012

Ford Australia's myFord Capped Price Servicing programme has expanded its reach, growing to cover the Kuga SUV, the new Ranger pickup and the just-launched Falcon EcoBoost range.

The news follows the myFord plan's launch in July last year, designed to offer buyers the security of a fixed price for the regular servicing of their new car.

Buyers of the FG MkII Falcon EcoBoost can be assured that a minor logbook service (15,000, 30,000, 60,000, 75,000 or 105,000 km) at a Ford dealer will cost $240, including 12 months of myFord Roadside Assistance - which normally costs $90 on its own.

A minor logbook service for the Kuga TE 2.5-litre turbo (15,000, 30,000, 45,000, 90,000 or 105,000km), will cost a maximum of $375, including the same 12 months roadside assistance.

myFord Capped Price Servicingis available on all Ford vehicles built from 2007 and up to six years or 105,000km – whichever occurs first.

Service pricing for other Ford models, and further details, can be found at

Eligible Vehicles

Buyers can find out more about the myFord Capped Price Servicing by contacting their local Ford dealership.

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  • Roger says,
    3 years ago
    My experience with Ford servicing has all been bad. I would really like to know what is included with a $375 service of a Kuga. At $15K I very much doubt they do anything other than drop the oil and check the fluid levels. Max half an hours labour from an apprentice. $750 per hour - $50 Oil = $700p/h....thats probably what you would pay a surgeon or QC. I know from my experience they dont locate problems, you have to explicitly ask them to fix anything.
    • Sam says,
      3 years ago
      That is not Ford specific, all service departments are the same. These days a car is hooked up to a computer to run a test and if there is an error they'll look at it. They do not test drive cars, apart from parking - garage - parking.
      I could write a book on VW servicing issues/experiences while the car is under warranty, not to mention out of warranty.
      As you mentioned you have to be very specific about the problem, and even that will not always help.

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