2013 Holden Colorado Pricing Revealed, On Sale In Second Half 2012

TMR Team | Apr 18, 2012

Holden has revealed specifications and pricing details for its upcoming 2013 Colorado pickup, ahead of its sales debut in the second half of this year.

Kicking off at $26,990 for the entry-level cab-chassis DX grade, the cost of entry into the Colorado range is now $1500 less than the current LX.

It's also $2000 more than Toyota's tubbed Hilux SR, but unlike the basic dual-airbag package fitted in that model HiLux, all Colorado models will get four airbags (dual front, side curtain) and electronic stability control.

While last year's Thailand floods has seen the showroom launch of the new model delayed, Holden says buyers can immediately pre-order the new car, getting in before the end of the financial year.

Holden has made a number of pre-production Colorado utes available for test drives at dealers around the country.

Mechanical Package

Depending on the variant, two turbocharged DOHC four-cylinder diesel engines will be offered, along with a five-speed manual and a six-speed automatic transmission. Details of these engines were revealed late last year.

In 2.5 litre turbodiesel form, available with a five-speed manual transmission only, the Colorado will offer 110kW at 3800rpm and 350Nm of torque from 2000rpm.

The larger 2.8 litre engine will deliver 132kW at 3800rpm with both transmissions, producing 440Nm of torque with the manual and 470Nm with the auto - the latter bettering the 3.0 litre diesel it replaces.

Fuel consumption figures are still be revealed, but Holden has confirmed a 3.5 tonne towing capacity for the 2.8 litre models and 3.0 tonnes for the 2.5 litre engine.

The six-speed auto is available as a $2000 option on every model except the entry-level DX cab-chassis, which can only be had with the five-speed manual.

The Colorado's suspension package includes independent double wishbone coil spring front suspension and a leaf spring arrangement at the rear, all tuned specifically for Australian conditions.


2012 holden colorado chevrolet colorado thailand 07

The Colorado's full features list has not been released, although Holden has confirmed its standard features list will include Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, auxiliary, USB and iPod connectivity, power windows and two auxiliary power outlets.

Satellite navigation will be available as an option and in certain up-spec variants, to be confirmed closer to launch.

Safety features include six airbags (driver, front passenger, side curtains), along with electronic stability control and ABS.

For now, Colorado buyers miss out on a reversing camera - a feature available with the Hilux, Ranger, BT-50 and Triton - although parking sensors can be added as an extra.

A camera is expected to be made available sometime after launch.

Tub Dimensions

Pickup box length at floor: 1,830 mm (space cab) 1,552 mm (crew cab)
Pickup box width exposed: 1,534 mm (space cab) 1,534 mm (crew cab)
Between wheel arches: 1,122 mm (space cab) 1,122 mm (crew cab)
Pickup box height: 481 mm 481 mm
Pickup box rear opening width at beltline: 1,427 mm 1,427 mm
At floor: 1,370 mm 1,370 mm


4x2 SINGLE CAB Body Engine Transmission RRP
DX Cab Chassis 2.5L TD MT $26,990
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD MT $27,990
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD AT $29,990
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD MT $33,990
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD AT $35,990
LX Pickup 2.8L TD MT $35,490
LX Pickup 2.8L TD AT $37,490
LT Pickup 2.8L TD MT $36,490
LT Pickup 2.8L TD AT $38,490
LTZ Pickup 2.8L TD MT $40,990
LTZ Pickup 2.8L TD AT $42,990
DX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD MT $34,990
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD MT $35,990
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD AT $37,990
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD MT $40,490
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD AT $42,490
LTZ Pickup 2.8L TD MT $47,490
LTZ Pickup 2.8L TD AT $49,490
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD MT $42,990
LX Cab Chassis 2.8L TD AT $44,990
LX Pickup 2.8L TD MT $44,490
LX Pickup 2.8L TD AT $46,490
LT Pickup 2.8L TD MT $45,490
LT Pickup 2.8L TD AT $47,490
LTZ Pickup 2.8L TD MT $49,990
LTZ Pickup 2.8L TD AT $51,990

Note: pricing excludes on-road costs.

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  • Roger says,
    4 years ago
    1 like
    Good....significantly undercuts Ranger, might see some movement there. Gotta love competition.
  • Seb Kemsley says,
    4 years ago
    Saw one in Melbourne last week?
  • OutbackOZ
    OutbackOZ says,
    4 years ago
    Good to see more competition in this market. Anything is better then Toyota at the moment. Looks good. Not to sure on a 4cyl with 3.5t towing, as there are now bigger engines out there in this market. But all in all looks good
  • Mike Koffel says,
    4 years ago
    I live in Thailand and own the crew cab LTZ.Here they come with leather seats etc.disappointed though they didn't have the option for gps and reverse camera.In this place you definetly do need it.The 2.8 Turbo diesel is really quick and responsive.Definetly no problems towing a caravan.It should be a real hard vehicle to beat in OZ
    • ian says,
      4 years ago
      I test drove one yesterday, 2.8 ltr diesel 6 auto and it went really well very cab spacious with high ride and big well tray carry area. Priced about $55K but not sure on it yet until I know the certified fuel consumption. It has to be better than the last model on fuel.
    • Straddie says,
      4 years ago
      How does it compare to the others like the BT 50 and new DMax, cheers
    • Danielle says,
      3 years ago
      1 like
      How much are they in thailand??
  • David says,
    3 years ago
    yank tank,will be waiting for new dmax
    • Balthazaaaaargh says,
      3 years ago
      rofl, they're the same car...
      • nathen says,
        3 years ago
        no they are not!!!isuzu and holden are using differant moters
  • Cal worthington says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    Drove new colorado driver's seat to small and uncomfortable. Dash is like looking into two small coffee mugs.steering wheel moves up and down but not in and out.outside looks good .wanted to drive auto but could not. If the ltz does not have leather and more refinements l would not buy one. Spend a lot of time driving want something better than average.
    • Bill says,
      3 years ago
      Drove one today, very disappointed, I'll be waiting for the new Dmax, I have the Ra lt since new, so much better then the new one. The new one dosent even look good, interior is bland and boring, out side doesn't look like something a mum would drive to kids to private school in. I would lay money on these being a flop
  • hassan says,
    3 years ago
    I bought ltz 4x2 two week ago I droven 700kms I want to sell interior is not good I want buy Sr5 hilux I thing hilux is the best
  • Tony says,
    3 years ago
    Purchased a 2012 Dual Cab 4x4 Colorado on January 1oth in SA after driving it for 1 day had major problems and vehicle became unroadworthy. After 6 weeks still have not received a replacement vehicle and Holden have failed to fix the car I purchased. Soooo disappointed with Holdensad and still waiting for another vehicle and compensation.
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